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Dead Sea Spa Collection

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Dead Sea Spa Collection

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Sweet Willow® Dead Sea Spa Collection – Best Face Mask For Acne Blocked Pores & Blackheads – Deep Cleansing 2 in 1 Sea Sponge – 3 x Dead Sea Minerals Bath Bombs

Dead Sea Mud is excellent if you suffer from spots, blackheads or blocked pores as it deep cleanses and exfoliates the skin, drawing out impurities as it dries. Circulation will be increased which improves blood flow and delivers nutrients to the surface of the skin


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  • DEAD SEA MUD MASK is perfect for problem skin and sufferers of acne and blackheads will benefit from regular use. Draws out impurities and leaves skin clearer
  • DEEP CLEANSING & EXFOLIATING – Dead Sea Salts are full of beneficial minerals and our bath bombs are perfect for popping in the bath and relaxing as they ease and soothe aching limbs
  • NATURAL SPONGE – smells amazing and contains sea minerals, natural fruit extracts, essential oils, vitamin C + E, aloe vera and almond oil and is impregnated with shower gel which will last 20-30 washes
How To Use:
Apply the mud to clean skin, avoiding the eye area and relax. After approximately 10 minutes the mask will feel tighter and will draw out impurites and blocked pores. Rinse off with warm water
Use the sponge in the bath or shower as normal. The cleansing gel will last for approximately 20 washes, after which time, the sponge can be used as you usually would

Dear sea mud, shower gel, dead sea salts, essential oils, citric acid, bicarbonate of soda

Clean Skin – Feels Great!

Really nice set. I have oily skin and the mud has it glowing. Bath bombs are fun and good for relaxing tired musclesSteve

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