sensitive skin cream

What is the shelf life of Sweet Willow Products?

Typically between 12 – 18 months. The best before date is printed on the boxes along with a batch number so that we know exactly when that product was produced

What percentage of ingredients are organic?

Wherever possible we will use organic – although some of our ingredients are not available in this form – and we always use reputable suppliers who ensure that our raw extracts are as pure and natural as possible. We always include the percentage of organic ingredients in our product descriptions and it is usually around 90%

Do all products need preservative?

Those products that do not contain water, do not require preservatives and so we use anti-oxidants and Vitamin E to ensure they remail fresh. But products containing water, herbal infusions or flower water, must contain preservatives as they kill microorganisms and water borne bacteria and prevent the growth of fungus, mould and yeast. We use an eco-friendly preservative, which is gentle, mild and suitable for all skin types

Where does the SPF in moisturiser come from?

The SPF is the mineral zinc oxide which is the only natural mineral sun protection compound available. We recommend that you use your usual sunscreen too as the moisturiser is not designed to be worn thickly and so – while it offers some protection – is should not replace sunscreen

Are the products safe for all skin types?

Yes, even the most sensitive of skins should experience no adverse reaction. We follow strict guidelines to ensure that our skin care complies with all relevant directives and regulations, which covers safety and any known contra indications

Are the fragrances you use natural or chemical?

This is a good question and when we originally designed the range, we offered fragrance free options. However, the feedback we received in favour of adding fragrance was overwhelming and so we went through a whole lot of essential oils until we found just the right blends to give our products the delicious fragrances our customers love. So in answer to your question, yes, all the fragrance is natural

What new products will be next?

We are continually sourcing and testing new ingredients and products to include in our range and
always strive to provide our customers with products that give the very best results, at affordable prices.

Lately, we have been looking at new active ingredients that claim to improve wrinkles and other signs
of ageing. We are currently at the testing stage, but already things are looking promising and so we will
hopefully be incorporating the best of these ingredients into our future ranges